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Split, Merge, Set Page Style And Layout Of PDF Documents With Hexonic PDF Split And Merge

Many PDF tools can merge PDF files together without offering any options to tweak with layout and page header and footer of documents. To achieve this, we need to use multiple PDF manipulation software, so that documents can be merged as per layout requirement of our document. Hexonic PDF Split and Merge is an advanced tool to merge and split PDF documents which offers some unique options to handle PDF document merge and split processes, including, change document layout of merged document, split document pages, store each page in separate file, add customized page footer, and set footer margins and additional page margins.

Furthermore, it allows user to set image compression level to reduce size of heavy PDF documents. By default, it applies 100 % compression over images in PDF documents. Nevertheless, you can reduce it at balanced level to get better image quality. Add all the PDF files which you want to merge on the main interface. From the list, you can change the start and end page numbers to split the PDF document pages.

Hexonic PDF Split and Merge

There are 3 layout options present underneath the list. The Standard publishes document in single page style whereas Two Pages on one page puts two pages on single page in respective page orientation. You can also enter the number of pages on which it merges the content of the PDF document. Adjacent to Layout options, you will find option to store each page in a separate file.

The Page footer section allows setting page footer layout of merged document. You can either enter required layout yourself or choose to select a template from the given template list. Once you’re done with setting up document merge options, click Start processing to begin merging all the document in defined order.

It is surely a great tool but has one major drawback and that is it takes too long to process large PDF documents. It works on all versions of Windows.

Download Hexonic PDF Split and Merge

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