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sTabLauncher: Tabbed Toolbar To Launch Files, Folders & Applications

Shortcut managers, application launchers and context menu editors all have one thing in common: they are all designed in way that they can enhance your Windows experience. In earlier posts, we have covered a lot of applications that allow you to easily access different programs and menus through hotkeys, right click context menus or the system tray. Other programs install toolbars on your desktop that provide you with a quick way to access applications and manage shortcuts without creating a lot of clutter. Applications like Gizmo Toolbar (reviewed here) provide you with an eye candy interface that not only makes your desktop look neat and organized, but also catchy. Today, we have another shortcut management application called sTabLauncher that allows you to launch your favorite files, folders and software from a pull-down launcher on your desktop. It allows you to create separate groups and provides you with easy options to change the look and feel of the launcher. Read on to find out more.

When you install the tool, you will notice two translucent tabs at the top of your desktop, namely Internet and App. These tabs already contain some icons by default, and more file, folder or application shortcuts can be added by dragging and dropping them onto the required tab.


The application also allows you to add separators to make multiple groups inside a tab. Select a tab and right-click it to reveal options such as Add New Item, Add Separator, Lock Icons, Lock Tabs and Lock Form. The Options dialog box can be accessed by selecting Options from the right click menu.


For each new tab, you can set different color, style and animation settings. Tabs can be easily added from the Options dialog box.


Speaking of Options, it has General, Tabs, Icons, Behavior, Animation, Plugins and Advanced menus containing options to create new tabs, change the color and visual style of each tab, set custom icons, specify default behavior, change the application and tab animation etc.

Options - sTabLauncher V2.2.3.0

An annoyance during the installation of the application is that it tries to install the Babylon Toolbar on your system without giving you any kind of option to disable it. We hope that the developer can remove this nuisance and give the users an option to deselect the installation of Babylon Toolbar. sTabLauncher works both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, windows 7, Windows 8 and on Mac OS X.

Download sTabLaucnher

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  1. Hmm, I remember able to uncheck install Babylon translator tool. The only problem I found with this software is the autostart feauture bug, I found the fix in the forum. The idea is that after checking autostart with windows, it create a registery value and a shortcut in startup folder. The two conflict, to fix it, just delete the shortcut. You’re welcome 🙂

  2. Thanks for the tip but the best program hands-down for Windows is Winstep Nexus. The free version is extremely powerful and can do WAY more than this! Very low on memory resources, too!

    • Well, for me sTabLauncher is the best. Because it support Tab to organize app shortcut. There are many dock style launcher for windows, but not many have tab. I want to put many app shortcut in its own category for easy access. Some app I don’t use that often to remember the exact name to type out in start menu or quick launcher style. This seems to be the fastest set up to launch any of my apps with only mouse in less than 1 sec. And yes, very easy to customize to look the way I want too. Can’t post screenshot here!

    • ^ This! Exactly why I’ve stopped looking for any other launchers, the feature to organise anything within the tabs is superb, efficient and extremely easy to set up and costumize.

  3. The best launch manager I’ve found so far, easy to use, great to customize and very minimalistic if needed

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