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Start My Day: Play Music, Open Favorite Web Links And Launch Applications Under One Window

Start My Day is an application designed to pamper those users who hate the idea of opening applications from different locations and are in need of tool which can hold all of their favorite applications, music, tools, web favorites under one hood.

This small utility has a simple interface, which lets you easily get started. All that is required is to start dragging your favorite applications (.exe) , music (Mp3) and web links under the application’s respective window. It also supports adding files by manually browsing for them from the application, click ADD button to specify files path.


Once you’ve populated the list with your favorite programs, under Settings tab, you can set the alarm clock or set the manual timing  for launching the applications automatically. For alarm settings, you have the option to specify the days on which you would like to run the applications or play the music.


From the upper part of the window, you can also run all the applications in bulk or one selected application by clicking appropriate button. It lets you save the music library in WPL (playlist) format, you can play the saved playlist in other supported media players as well.

The application comes in handy to batch run multiple programs and applications, all the favorite web links can be stored and favorite list of music can be managed in single window, if you count yourself in need of such application, try this little tool out.

It runs on all Windows based OS, we tested it on Windows 7 x86 system.

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