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StatTrends: Plot And View Numerical Data In Interactive Charts & Graphs

Graphs are a great way to simplify all those difficult-to-understand statistics. A graph is used mostly when two or more values that are taken under different conditions, or information about the same subject in different points in time needs to be represented in a visual form. For a common man, comparison of numbers and percentages become a lot easier to understand and analyze when it is displayed in graph or chart form. For instance, if you are trying to analyze the financial data of a company before buying its shares, the balance sheets and cash flow statements are sure to confuse you. However, if the same data is plotted in a graph, it will be a lot easier for you to understand how the company has been performing financially. StatTrends is a portable application for creating interactive charts and graphs. More on StatTrends after the jump.

StarTrends is a Flash based application that requires Adobe Flash Player to run. It allows you to view spreadsheet data in graphical and chart form. The best thing is that, not only are the graphs and charts viewable, you can also interact with them to some extent. The supported visualizations according to the developer are,

  • Interactive bar and column charts
  • Interactive scatter plots
  • Interactive time series graphs
  • Interactive bullet graphs

Each of these chart and graph visualizations can be animated over time. You play and stop the animations to display data on the x and y axis of the graph.

To edit the graph, open the StatPlanet_data_editor Microsoft Excel File available in the StatTrends folder. Make you that macros are enabled. Once the file is open, click Clear Data button to clear the example data. You can import a file containing data using the Import Data button of manually add data to the graph by using any spreadsheet tool. Choose Save Data button to save all the changes made to the data editor file. Changes can be viewed by opening the StatTrends.exe executable file.

Adobe Flash Player 10

The application has multiple visualization options, including bar and column charts, scatter plots, time series graphs and bullet graphs.

Stat Silk

The Settings window accessible from the bottom-left corner lets you adjust graph colors, graph text size, transparency, size of bubbles etc.

Adobe Flash Player 10_2012-02-01_11-59-04

The application is available in StatTrends and StatTrends Plus version. StatTrends has a limitation of seven indicators, while StatTrends Plus has no such limitation. The full list of features can be found on the product page. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download StatTrends

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