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StayFocused Is A Great Way To Focus On Important Tasks, Uses Pomodoro Technique

Managing time efficiently to meet the tight deadlines is arguably not easy, and one who has to finish tasks on time may get distracted easily. For time-sliced task orientation, you should first lay down a plan of distributing total time into slots and then allocate work load to each slot, so you can effectively make use of given amount of time. StayFocused is a small Windows app, designed to distribute work load into time slices through Pomodoro Technique – an acclaimed time management technique. Pomodoro technique not only helps in managing time but also makes you realize the worth of time passing by, so you can perform the required tasks without getting distracted.

StayFocused caters to only 3 different types of tasks, which are related with working in some application window, reading or writing a document, and doing research on web. On the main interface, click Add to specify one task out of the given options. In Task window, if you select, lets say, Open Documents, you need to specify document(s) with it followed by Focus time and Task Type from bottom. Once done, click Save to list this task on the main interface, and then Click Get Focus to start working on the task.

stayfocused 1

When you click Get Focus, it will open all applications, documents or website associated with the task. In the screenshot below, you can see specified document being opened with countdown timer, in a complete isolated environment for focusing on only task related apps and documents.

timer doc 1

When you’re finished with the task, just click Done to bring the main interface back for selecting another listed task.

tasks 1

Don’t forget to hit Report at the end of the day to review auto-generated work productivity report. It plots time spent on all the tasks on Pie chart with tasks summary shown at the left side.

report 3

StayFocused proves to be an awesome time management and tracking application. It is the best implementation of Pomodoro Technique we have seen so far. If you easily get distracted while working, you should give it a try to keep your focus on important tasks.

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  1. Thanks Usman– this looks like an interesting find. I’ve recently started to really explore time-management software (currently I’m doing some stuff with the very cool X-Mind). I’ll have to add this one to the list and play with it a bit. Thanks again.

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