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Stickies: Attach Notes To Specific Programs & Recur After Specific Time

Most of us have been in a situation where a random but really important thought crossed our mind but we did not have anything to note it down at that moment, and it slipped out before we could note it down. The default Sticky Notes gadget of Windows comes pretty hand in such situations, and has found a lot of utility in both office and home computers. It allows you to save and quickly access important information. If you are “go green” type of person, using virtual Sticky Notes instead of the real Post-It notes can also help in conservation of the environment, since it is becoming a big issue. More and more trees are getting cut down to meet the world demand for paper. However, the problem with Sticky Notes is that there is no unified interface to manage the sticky notes that you have placed on your computer screen. Some days ago, we covered Sticky7List, an application for Windows that lets you manage and search the Sticky Notes stored on your system. Stickies is another utility for Windows that provides you with extensive options to create and manage Sticky Notes on your desktop.

The application is designed to be small and simple, and not to mess with your system files. It stores information on a single text-based INI file. The main features of Stickes listed on the product page are as follows.

  • Once on screen, Stickies will remain where placed until closed, even through reboots
  • Stickies appearance can be customized; fonts, colors and buttons may be changed, and styles saved
  • Stickies can be resized
  • Stickies can store text or images
  • Stickies can snap to each other and to the sides of the screen to keep them neatly lined up
  • Stickies can be attached to a web site, document or folder so they only show when it’s on screen
  • Stickies can be hidden for a certain period, until a specified date and time, or to wake every day, week or month, to act as reminders
  • Stickies can have alarms set to ensure you notice them at a point you choose
  • International language, Unicode and RTL text support

After installation, Stickies can be accessed from the system tray. To create a new note, just double click the system tray icon and a new Sticky will pop up on the desktop. Right-click the icon and select Manage Stickies to open the management window.

The Manage Stickies window has Desktop, Attached, Sleeping Recurring, Closed, Stored and Search Results tabs at the left side to easily distinguish between different types of Stickies. The contents of each tab are listed in the top right side, while the Sticky text can be viewed in the bottom right side of the interface.

Manage Stickies

Right-click on a Sticky to access options, such as Hide, Unhide, Store, Attach, Sleep, Recurring, Set Color etc.

Manage Stickies_2012-02-28_14-08-18

The Attach option allows you to attach specific notes to individual applications that come up as soon as the application is launched. All the currently running applications are automatically listed in the Attach Sticky window.

Attach Sticky

The Recurring option allows you to make a note appear again on your desktop after a specified time in a recurring pattern. You can choose to make the notes appear on Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly basis.

Set Recurrence

This article covers some of the basic features of Stickies and the complete set of features can be found on the product page. It works on all 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows.

Download Stickies

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