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How To Stop iTunes Syncing Every Time You Connect Your iPhone

When you connect your iPhone to your PC or Mac, iTunes launches automatically. It never asks if you want it to open every single time you connect your phone or tablet. It just does this. There’s no built-in way to stop this from happening.If you’re on Windows though, you can stop iTunes from opening when you connect your iPhone or iPad. You can do this by removing the iTunesHelper app from your Startup items. This trick works great to stop iTunes from opening. It’s a pretty heavy app and it drags down your system while it opens. When iTunes launches, it will start syncing and backing up any connected device. Again, it doesn’t ask if you want to take a backup. It just does it. The good news is, you can stop iTunes syncing every time you connect your iPhone.

You can stop iTunes syncing every time you connect your iPhone but this is a per-device setting. You can apply it to your iPhone but if you have an iPad, this setting will not persist. The setting has to be applied separately for each device you have.

Connect your iPhone or iPad to your PC or Mac. Open iTunes. Predictably, it will start syncing your data. Click your device icon. It’s under the menu bar.

This will open a summary screen for your device. It shows you the last time you backed the device up, and when it will next check for a software update, among other things.

Scroll down on this screen. You will see a section called ‘Options’. The very first option in this section is called ‘Automatically sync when this iPhone is connected’. Disable it and sync your iPhone i.e. click the ‘Apply’ button at the bottom.

This will stop iTunes syncing your iPhone every time you connect it. This option is available on both a PC and a Mac. Since this is a device setting, it will persist if you connect your iPhone to a different PC or Mac. It will not effect other devices. For example, your iPhone will not automatically sync when you connect it. If you connect your iPad, or your mom’s iPhone though, it will start syncing automatically.

Use this option cautiously. It’s annoying that iTunes doesn’t check how long ago the previous backup was and just takes a new one every single time a device is connected but, it also makes you take a fresh backup daily. The forced backup might just save your data. If you stop iTunes syncing your iPhone every time you connect, you need to be diligent about taking regular backups yourself.

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