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Stop Windows 10 From Letting Your Friends Use Your WiFi

We divide friends into categories; work friends, school friends, help-me-move friends, come-to-my-wedding friends, we-work-together-and-I-hate-you-the-least friends, Facebook friends, and friends we share our WiFi with. That last category is is probably the one with the fewest people in it. It’s a privileged group of people and Microsoft thinks you ought to expand it. Windows 10 has taken it upon itself to share your WiFi password with your network of friends with a feature called WiFi Sense. It shares your network with people added in Outlook, Facebook, and your Skype contacts. The default behavior of Windows 10 is to give these people access to your shared WiFi network. Here’s how you can stop this travesty from happening.

Open the Settings app and go to the Network & Internet group of settings. In the WiFi tab click Manage WiFi settings. You will see an option that says, ‘For networks I select, share them with my’ and then follows a list of contact groups that your WiFi will be shared with for selected connections. Uncheck each one of the listed group of contacts.


To be extra safe, you should probably turn off the ‘Connect to networks shared by my contacts’ option as well so that you aren’t connected to a network shared by a contact because there’s a chance the connection might not be safe. This is basically how you opt out of WiFi Sense and this works provided there is no other Windows 10 device connected to your network. If there is, each one of those devices needs to opt out of sharing the WiFi. If you can’t be bothered making the change one individual systems you can make a small change to your router. Open your router’s administrative panel and append ‘_optout’ at the end of its name (without quote marks). This tells WiFi sense to ignore this connection regardless if a Windows 10 device on this network is willing to share it.

How To Share A WiFi Connection Using WiFi Sense

If you are in the sharing mood, Windows 10 lets you choose which connections you open up to your contacts for sharing. Scroll further down the same window and select the network you want to share. Click the Share button and enter the password for it. The password itself isn’t shared with your contacts. It’s encrypted before being transmitted to them and they do not have to enter it to connect to a shared network.


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