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StreetView Explorer Lets You Walk Around In Google StreetView

Google StreetView is a feature of Google Maps and Google Earth, providing panoramic views for numerous places in the world. StreetView Explorer is an open source desktop application which enables you to walk around the Google StreetView images instead of merely viewing them. This portable application grabs image and depth data automatically from Google StreetView and provides settings to refine the view.

There is an option to increase or decrease the number of polygons in vertical direction view and provides horizontal accuracy by increasing the number of polygons in the horizontal direction. You can enter a link from Google StreetView to easily add custom links for viewing in a more refined and intricate manner. StreetView Explorer is a cross platform application and also has versions for Mac and Linux. To get started, add a link from Google StreetView from the Edit destinations button. StreetView Explorer by default comes with five street view links from London, Amsterdam, New York, Paris and Las Vegas. Once the destination is added, select it from the drop down menu to start walking through the panoramic images.

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Once you enter an image, you can walk through it by moving the mouse around. To toggle visibility, you can also use the mouse wheel for getting a birds eye and ground level view of the image. To release your mouse from the imagery, hit ESC.


You can further refine visibility options from File -> Preferences. Here, you can change vertical texture, horizontal mode accuracy, and detail level. Increasing the detail level removes extra items like people and cars from the imagery, whereas, the vertical accuracy and horizontal mode can be increased or reduced for refining visibility.


It works on Windows, Mac, and almost all Linux OS platforms.

Download StreetView Explorer

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