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Quickly Switch, Backup & Restore Windows WiFi Network Profiles, IP & DNS Settings

When reinstalling Windows or upgrading to a new PC, we usually have to set up everything from scratch. We reinstall apps, re-download important files, and reconfigure several settings here and there. This includes credentials for wireless network profiles and configuring your network settings, such as the static IP and DNS that you want to use. If you’re a network administrator who is required to configure network profiles on multiple PCs and on a regular basis, such a task could take a bulk of your day’s time. Network Profiles Utility can really save the day in such situations. Designed as a portable application, Network Profiles Utility can easily import and export wireless connection profiles as well as IP and DNS settings among multiple Windows machines.

The usage of the app is quite straightforward and it lets you save or restore network profiles in a matter of seconds. Upon first launch, Network Profiles Utility opens up to a Config window, where you can specify a few different settings that control how the app should work. For instance, you can configure the default run mode by toggling the automatic backup and restore options. When said options are enabled, the app exits itself upon restoring or backing up profiles.

The utility allows you to specify which settings you want to automatically backup or restore, that is, wireless profiles, IP/DNS settings or both. In addition, you can specify the location of the profile backup by clicking Browse. Lastly, it lets you choose whether to store profiles based on computername or username. After configuring the required options according to your preferences, click ‘Save & Close’ to store your settings.

Network Profiles Utility_Config

The main application window is even simpler to use. Here, you can you can enable or disable Wireless Profiles and IP/DNS parameters on the fly. The application also allows you to manually back up or restore settings by hitting the Export or Import buttons, respectively. To change your settings your configuration again, just click the Config button to open the settings panel.

Network Profiles Utility

The only caveat I could find was constant nagware and in-app ads. You can, however, get rid of these by upgrading to the full version of the app. Regardless, it’s an excellent application for network admins or users who regularly find the need to change DNS or IPs to resolve connection issues with multiple networks. Network Profiles Utility works on Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download Network Profiles Utility


  1. Just saw this in my G+ stream, I’m the author of this app and founder of Foolish IT. Not long ago I changed the licensing to be completely free for personal and commercial use – however I did not remove the in-app ads and dead links to purchase the now-completely-free app. This article has just reminded me of that fact – and I’ll get those ads removed ASAP.

    EDIT: ads removed in v1.0.2

    Thanks for the great article!

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