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Switch Between Network Profiles & Automatically Map Network Drives

Most offices are secured by firewalls which require complicated proxy settings to use the internet. This creates a problem for many users who take their laptops to office and later find it hard to undo the proxy settings to use the internet when they come back home. A solution to this problem can be the previously reviewed Free IP Switcher, however, it requires entering network settings manually and does not auto-detect proxy and associated settings. A better alternative can be JimIP Switcher. It  has the ability to auto detect network settings for creating a network profile, which can be used to separately manage multiple connection settings (e.g. network settings for home and office network). This way you can connect to a network without having to manually reconfigure settings repeatedly. Each profile can be assigned a relevant name for easy identification. With JimIP Switcher, you can optionally configure default printer settings, WINS (Windows Internet Name Service) Server settings, and map network drives.

To save a profile by automatically detecting your network settings, click the IP Switcher button (blue colored button on the right). Click  Save Profile (Tick Mark icon button) to preserve the profile settings. You can give a custom name to the profile to easily remember the attributes of the network profile. For instance, you can select the profile labeled as “Office Network” so that when you go to office, you can restore the proxy settings.

IP Switcher

If a network (such as a home network) obtains IP from a DHCP server, then simply choose DHCP to allow the profile to fetch details from ISP’s DHCP server.

Home Network

The arrow icon button provides configuring additional settings, which include a default printer, WINS server settings and selecting a network drive associated to a network profile.

network Drive

JimIP Switcher is a handy software for those who frequently require switching between multiple networks with associated proxy and WINS server settings. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download JIMIP Switcher

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