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Switch Between Visual Studio 2010 Settings Files With Settings-Switcher

Like previous versions, Visual Studio 2010 supports importing and exporting of Visual Studio settings file between PCs. You can include team settings file to keep Visual Studio settings same across all the team member PCs. Sadly, there is no easy way to switch between multiple Visual Studio Settings file, as you have to open Visual Studio Settings folder and replace CurrentSettings.vssettings file with custom settings file. Settings-Switcher lets you manage and switch between multiple Visual Studio settings (.vssettings) files, effortlessly. In addition to changing Visual Studio settings, it groups up all the Visual Studio settings file related options in its own section accessible from Visual Studio Options window, allowing users to create new settings file, view existing ones, and tweak with Visual Studio settings file Load and Format configurations.

Before installing Settings-Switcher, make sure that Visual Studio instances are not running in background. Now run the VSIX file to install the extension with Visual Studio extension installer. Once installed, open Extension Manager from Options menu to verify the installation.

Settings-Switcher offers a separate window to view list of settings files and activate required one. You can access this window from View –> Other Windows –> Available Settings.

available settings 1

It shows all the available settings files with option to switch between them by selecting the settings from the list followed by clicking Activate.

available settings

For using it for the first time, you may need to add available settings file to the list. Click Manage to directly open Settings-Switcher section in Visual Studio Options window. Under General window, you will find auto load and format options for settings file. Here, you can enable/disable options to auto-format current documents with active settings file and auto-save documents incase of changes were made.

manage 1

Create Settings window deals with saving current Visual Studio settings. All you need is to enter the name of settings file and hit Save settings. If you’re using Visual Studio 2010, you will find your settings files in Documents/Visual Studio 2010/Settings folder.

manage 2

Finally, the Manage Settings window lets you add new settings file from any local location and remove existing settings files. It must be noted that you will have to add settings files in Manage Settings window to switch between them from Available Settings window accessible from Other Windows.

manage 3

The extension is in active development and will soon be updated with more Visual Studio Settings related features. It supports Visual Studio 2010 only.

Download Settings-Switcher

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    Thank you, Usman. I’ve installed Settings-Switcher and it works as advertised.