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How To Sync Browser Data Between Desktop And Android In Firefox 29

Mozilla has finally launched Firefox 29, the latest version of the company’s massively popular web browser, for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. With version 29, Mozilla has debuted the new Australis interface borrowing heavily from Google Chrome. But besides  that, Mozilla has also revamped the sync feature of the browser; the new sync feature is better than ever, and doesn’t now require you to store the pesky auto-generated authorization code (as in previous releases), but rather all your data is now synchronized via email and password through a Firefox Account. In this guide we’ll highlight the difference between the new and old sync methods, as well as show you how to sync data between desktop and Android in Firefox 29.

What’s New In Sync?

The Firefox Sync feature, which allows you to load the same tabs, bookmarks and other browsing data across multiple mobile and desktop platforms, isn’t a new concept and it’s been around for a while now. Prior to version 29, the sync feature required users to pair devices which needed to be linked together via an auto-generated authorization code. But in the latest version,  the company has done away with previous method and now enables you to sync the data directly by your email address and password. This process will enable you to quickly restore your browsing data directly from Firefox servers.

Set Up Sync For Firefox 29 – Desktop

The new sync feature in Firefox 29 is fairly easy to use. In case you’ve already linked your devices, you will need to unlink them first by following the method described below.  Open Firefox on desktop and click the ‘Menu’ button to the right followed by clicking ‘Options’.

Unlink Options

Navigate to ‘Sync’ tab, and click ‘Unlink this Device’ located at the bottom of this window. These steps are only necessary if you’re an existing Firefox Accounts user, and you have linked multiple devices. Otherwise, you can simply skip this process.

Unlink Existing

If you’re new to Firefox Accounts, click the Menu button, and then click ‘Sign in to sync’ as demonstrated in the screenshot below.

Firefox Sync_Click

Now click ‘Get Started’ in the proceeding page.

Sync Get Started

Existing users can simply sign in using the same Firefox account they used to sync before Firefox 29. If you don’t have an account yet you can create one by clicking ‘Create an account’ followed by filling out the sign up form and verifying your account via confirmation email.

New Account

Upon logging in, Firefox will automatically begin synchronizing the data for you. And you can navigate to the Sync tab in Options in order to select what you want to sync.

Manage Sync

Set Up Sync For Firefox 29 – Mobile

Next up, open Firefox on Android, navigate to the Settings screen by tapping menu (either at the bottom edge of the screen or in the the top-right corner) and tap ‘Sync’ and then ‘Get Started’.

Link Firefox Android_Step2 Link Firefox Android_Step1

Now simply sign in to your Firefox Account, and after logging in, Firefox Sync will begin updating required information across your Android. All opened tabs on Firefox on your PC, for instance, can be accessed on your Android by heading to Sync tabs. Likewise, all your bookmarks are also synced across both platforms.

Link Firefox Android_Step3 Link Firefox Android_Step4 Link Firefox Android_done


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