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SnailSync: Sync Computers With Slow Internet Connection

Every time we come across a new sync tool, it promises extra features and options, and look more appealing than the one’s we tested earlier. Considering the fact that Sync tools are abundant these days, primarily due to comparing & syncing files is an irksome job to get along. Out of multiple options you have to sync files, SnailSync really stands firm, as it comes with simple IDE layout, easier to use interface, and most importantly ability to find the differencing files and make a single compressed file out of it. According to the developer, it is a perfect tool for synchronization of distant computers with slow internet connection.

It is really a worthwhile attempt from the developers behind it, providing far easier way to sync files, and used aesthetic means to compare between source and target folders. To get started, launch the app, and and from lower part of the window, start specifying source folder and target location. Once added, click Compare to view a detailed comparison.


Structured-tree would help you in quick navigation. It uses different colors to make user quickly find out the difference of content between source & target locations. To customize different colors signifying difference, click Options. Here you would see colors significance in terms of; Source exclusive, Target exclusive, new addition in source, new addition in target and other differences. Besides this, at left sidebar, detailed statistics is provided to give the generic overview of the selected folder.

snailsync 1

To start synchronization, simply click Sync. It will start the sync-process immediately, giving out all the relevant details.


Another handy features it offers is of saving the locations as SnailSync project, so you can carry out the sync process in future, without a need of specifying source & target locations again. If you want to sync between two distant computers with very slow internet connection then this tool can create a compressed file that can be easily shared.

It supports Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. We tested it on the system running Windows 7 32-bit.

Download SnailSync

You can also try out other Sync tools; Toucan, nsync, Syncless, & FileMyster.

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