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Sync Google Calendar With Windows 8 Calendar App

Most of us these days use a calendar to organize the tasks in our life. If you also use a calendar, you might need it with you most of the time. The one I use is Google Calendar. Since I’m on Windows 8, and there’s a pretty awesome calendar app pre-installed, I would want my Google Calendar events to appear in my Windows 8 Calendar app (and I know you want to do the same!). Let’s see how it’s done.

First, fire up the calendar app from the Start screen.

You would need to use a Microsoft account (Hotmail , Live, or any MS account) to use the app. You cannot sign in with your Google account yet.

After signing in, you’ll be able to see the calendar. You’ll also see any events (if you have added any) in your Microsoft account’s calendar.

But now it’s time for the real deal: adding your Google calendar to it. So open up settings from the Charms bar.

Click Accounts.

Here you’ll see all the added accounts. Currently there’s just one, the Microsoft account I signed in with. So we’re going to add another account by clicking “Add an account”.

In the next step, click Google.

Fill in your details and press Connect.

Once syncing is done (which will take an instant), you will be able to see your Google Calendar events alongside the MS account events. I have set the calendar view to Month.

To differentiate between events of your Microsoft account and any other account that you add afterwards, there’s colour coding built in. You can set which colour should be default for an account. You can even set whether events and tasks from a particular account should always (or never) be displayed in your calendar. In this case, I’ve (temporarily) hidden my MS account calendar.

Now let’s try adding an event. Click any date in the calendar.

Give it a title, and some description.

You can even set which calendar you want to add this event to. If you haven’t hidden any calendar so far (as shown earlier), you’ve got to make the choice here.

Trust me, I added an event to the calendar (unknowingly using my MS account to do so, not using the Google account), and was going crazy over the fact why it didn’t sync with my Google Calendar (when I checked with the Google Calendar on the web). I even came to the decision that the syncing is one-way only (from Google to Windows 8, and not the other way around). Too bad I forgot to see that there’s a list of calendars to choose from. Once you choose the right calendar, the entire colour scheme of the event changes, and all is well.

You can also click “Show More” to reveal some more options.

Once you’ve set it all, click the Save button.

Notice how the button colours and highlights have changed to ‘Raspberry’ colour, compared to when the MS calendar was selected and it was all blue. Colour coding helps a lot! Once you hit save, the event will appear in your calendar.

You can open Google Calendar to verify if it has been synced or not.

You can even modify or delete an event. For instance, let’s cancel the lunch that I’ve scheduled for December 30. Click the event to see its details.

Click the trash icon to delete it.

And it’s gone from Google Calendar as well.

So there you go, it’s pure synchronization (works both ways).

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  • Thank you for sharing this article. I love it. Keep on writing this type of great stuff.

  • dhkeller

    Except I have multiple Google Calendars I manage in my life, and Windows 8 seems to only import the single primary calendar. So that renders the Win8 App useless, unless you’ve figured that out?

    • Guest

      Not everyone has more then one Google Calendars, so assuming that everyone does and that it makes the app useless seems to a broad statement

    • link6155

      You can add multiple accounts in the windows 8 apps, and not everyone has more then one calendar.

  • geokas

    I can not add my 2 step verification required account

    • bilbobaggins

      You may have figured it out by now, but to complete the verification process, you need to have your Default browser set to Internet Explorer. I had mine set to Chrome and kept getting an “Incorrect email address…” message. As always, M$ made IE a requirement.

  • Marlinde

    How do I change my default calendar? It’s now set to the microsoft account, but I’d like things to be automatically saved to my gmail calendar. Thanks so much for this article, it really helped me out (I also thought the syncing only worked one way).!

  • Cora

    My windows account uses the same gmail email from which I want to import the calendar, it doesn’t import automatically neither let me add the same google account.

  • Mine does not show Google in the add accounts…

    • David

      Agreed, neither does mine. Maybe it’s because I have the version for Australia rather than USA. The guy in the shop told me it wouldn’t support Google accounts.

      • ~@lonewillow~

        I think it has something to do with Google not picking up Microsoft’s stuff anymore… It’s too bad, because it would be nice if they could play together!