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Sync User Ratings And Play Counts Between iTunes And Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player and iTunes are both very capable, comprehensive and user-friendly music management solutions. Both support features like comprehensive libraries, smart playlists, etc, and they monitor your listening patterns to generate their own playlists. They also like to track your favorites, based on ratings you assign.

If you’re using both WMP and iTunes at the same time, chances are you’ll run into the frustration of your playing preferences not being in sync. Orzeszek Ratings is a portable, free application that lets you sync track ratings and play counts between both these music management solutions.


Usage is simple and self-explanatory, and there are hardly any settings to handle. You can choose to sync either iTunes with WMP, or vice versa. Please note that this tool will work only with those files that are present in both the libraries, i.e., both iTunes and Windows Media Player should be referencing to the same file. Furthermore, since Media Player does not support half-star ratings, so they would be rounded off to nearest full-star if synced with iTunes.

Orzeszek Ratings works with Windows OS, and requires Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 or later.

Download Orzeszek Ratings

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  • kev

    Now if only this could also sync playlists…