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Sync, View, And Perform File Copy Operation Quickly With Windows Double Explorer

There are instances where we need to open multiple instances of Windows Explorer to quickly transfer a set of files and folders to different locations. Since Windows Explorer doesn’t come handy in such situations, as you have to open all the source locations to manually copy or move the files (and folders) and then browse to destination folders to paste them, you must be looking for a simple way to perform basic file management operations swiftly without having to clutter up your desktop with multiple Explorer windows.

Widows Double Explorer is a portable and open source file explorer which offers MDI based user interface, allowing you to quickly perform file (and folder) operations instead of browsing through different locations manually. The basic concept was to facilitate user struggling with transferring enormous data to different locations. While it saves you a lot of time, the double panned window provides an effective way to view and compare content of two backed up or synced folders side-by-side, and move files and folders by just dragging them to target locations.

Windows Double Explorer - www.it-nonstop.de - v0.4.0.0

Windows Double Explorer doesn’t confine you to only double pane window layout. You can conceal pane 1 and pane 2, change default vertical layout to horizontal, open another instance of WDE to make use of four Windows Explore panes, and switch positions of opened panes. Moreover, you can quickly move up a path and open root path of current folder by using button present next to address bar.

wde 2

The interesting part is that you can quickly sync files and folders which are opened in two panes. For instance, if you want to sync folder opened in left side with one opened at right side, just click Sync button present above address bar in left pane to copy all the files (and/or folders) from folder opened at right side.

sync 2

Furthermore, you can mark most frequently visited folders as Favorites and quickly open Windows folders from Favorites and Known Folders menu respectively. WDE is an efficient multi-tabbed Windows file explorer. Except from some interface specific glitches, it works without showing any problems whatsoever.

Download Windows Double Explorer

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