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Sync Windows 8 User Settings Between PCs & Tablets via Microsoft Account

In contrast to previous versions of Windows, Windows 8 includes two options to log in; you can create local account or choose to sign in with Microsoft Account (formally known as Windows Live account). If you choose to sign in with your Microsoft Account, you will be able to automatically synchronize your settings, including internet history, shortcuts, application settings, password for services etc., with other Windows 8 PCs and tablets. By default, it asks you to enter the Microsoft Account login information to begin synchronizing your PC setting, but you can easily create a local account and then convert it into Microsoft Account. In this post, we will guide you through the process of creating both Microsoft and Local User accounts, and configuring PC Sync settings.

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Since creating an online account ( Microsoft Account) needs an active internet connection to initiate verification process, you may want to create a local account which doesn’t require you to connect to internet.  The first step is to launch PC Settings  from charms bar. Just bring up charms bar using Windows + C hotkey combination, and then click Settings.

Now, hit More PC Settings to open PC Settings.

Upon click, it will open PC Settings window. Now, select Users from left sidebar, followed by Add a user from main window.

It will ask you to enter Microsoft account email address followed by password to create a Windows 8 user account connected with your Microsoft account. However, if you want to create a local account, click Don’t want this user to sign in with a Microsoft account? link.

It must be noted that Local account is limited to your PC only, thus you will not be able to sync your Windows 8 settings, supported application preferences, and password of supported services with other PCs and tablets running Windows 8.

In the next step, click Local account.

Now, enter your username, password, and password hint. Now click Next to create a local account.

If you chose to use Microsoft Account instead of Local Account, you will be able to sync data and settings of your computer with the cloud. Once you’ve created Microsoft Account, you will see an additional option under PC Settings called ‘Sync PC Settings’. Clicking this will show you several toggles for syncing your data and settings with your Microsoft Account. First, it asks you to confirm this PC to sync account information along with other system settings. Clicking Confirm this PC ( from top of the page) opens Windows Live account in your default browser to verify the PC sync settings.

These options include enabling or disabling sync, choosing what to sync from personalization options like Windows colors, wallpapers, lock screen and themes to more advanced data like your Ease of Access settings, language preferences, browser history, bookmarks, favorites, and search preferences,keyboard , display, mouse and other input devices’ settings, account picture, your saved passwords for certain apps, and even certain settings and saved preferences in your apps. If you are using Windows 8 on a tablet with a metered data plan or high roaming charges, you can even choose whether to sync while connected through that data plan or not.

Considering the benefits that come with online Microsoft Account based Windows 8 User Account, we highly recommend using this login option to those who want to instantly sync their PC settings with Windows 8 PCs and tablets

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