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Synchronize Tasks Across Multiple PCs, Macs, And iPhones With ccToDo

In the wake of hundreds of cloud based services, applications using online servers to save and retrieve data are no longer considered to be innovative. What really matters now is how an application which is providing a utility to perform some tasks can be accessed and handled. If you love to use cloud based services to synchronize data across different PCs, you should sign up for ccToDo. It’s a cloud based to-do list management service which offers task handling from multiple platforms, including Mac, Windows, and iPhone, whilst direct web access is also provided to view and manage tasks on the go.

ccToDo, in terms of feature list, is a complete task manager. Along with obvious task management features, like, add, edit, delete, tag tasks, you can view tasks by their saved tag info, by specified date, assign tasks to other fellow team members, and most importantly synchronize tasks across all the platforms with a single click.

ccToDo is primarily developed to jot down daily tasks to perform them in defined sequence, however, it allows scheduling tasks for a whole week and month. The desktop app has collapsible/expendables to give a compact view, even with dozens of listed tasks.

The first step is to create a ccToDo account. Once done, enter login details to sign in. Now you need to add some tasks with required information, such as, involved members, task title, date tag and description.

cctodo 2

Once added, it will show the task on the main interface. Similarly, you can add as many tasks as you want. You won’t have to actually bring up main interface to add tasks. Just right-click it’s system tray icon and click Add Task.

cctodo task 3

Don’t forget to click Sync button present at bottom left corner, to synchronize all the added and modified tasks. The web app also offers same set of tools to add, edit, and tag task with option to sync with all the installed apps.

cctodo web

Below you can watch a brief ccToDo introduction video.

ccToDo app is available for Windows, Mac, and iPhone. You can check out complete feature list on the product page.

Download ccToDo app


  1. Well, I personally like Todoist.com over this software, which is a web-based todo management software, which provides addins for Chrome and MS Outlook. The only downside with Todoist is that it lacks offline mode.

    • Tried ccToDo. An awesome app with great features. Just switched from Todoist.com and would recommend ccToDo to all.

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