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Share Keyboard & Mouse Between Multiple Systems With Synergy+

The only problem with Synergy, a popular opensource tool that lets you share one keyboard and mouse between multiple computers, is that the application hasn’t been updated since 2006 and users were left stranded with many bugs. Now a bunch of developers have taken the code, added Windows 7 support, and fixed the bugs themselves.

Named Synergy+ (Synergy-plus), it is much more stable and is updated frequently whenever a new bug is discovered. There are a bunch of committers and contributors, who help in finding and patching the bugs.


On the program page you will find the link to bugs that have been fixed, among them are 7 critical bugs that were fixed instantly. A total of 42 bugs have been reported so far, most of them completely fixed.

Download Synergy+

It works on all versions of Windows after 2000, including both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 7.


  1. haven’t checked this app, but i wonder if it’s built around remote assistance type of services (network? tcp/ip?)
    also, i see win2vnc in “related” links, which suggests this app may be similar?
    don ‘t have time to check now, but would be interesting if could remotely operate another pc, running a disparate family of OS (nix 2 win, bsd 2 haiku, aros to nix, etc)

  2. This one rocked my world. Now I can use my HP Tablet on the desk in portrait mode and still be able to type when needed without having to attach the keyboard.
    I’m in heaven!
    Thanks for a great solution.
    All best

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