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System Explorer Is An Advanced Task Manager And System Management Tool

System Explorer is an advanced task manager which lets you quickly view and manage system and user processes. Besides being a task manager, it also offers multitude of features and options to let user view all the elements which are related in some way or the other with System processes, Tasks, Performance, Shell extensions, Explorer handlers, etc. The main objective is to provide users with all the information related with system performance and memory & CPU usage.

The application sits in system tray, letting users quickly handle all the tasks and shows performance in real-time. Hovering over system tray’s icon displays general information regarding CPU, Memory and Battery usage.

system eplorer

The main interface shows tons of information and options to manage different sort of tasks and processes. All the tasks are lumped in different categories which includes; System, Internet Explorer, Explorer, Software, and Tools. Under each category, you will find all the relevant elements having corresponding options and features.

System Explorer

For instance, under System category, you can manage all the System processes, Tasks, Modules, Drivers, Connections, etc. From Internet Explorer section, you can handle the installed add-ons, The Software category refers to installed components and applications to uninstall them on-the-fly. Furthermore, each element in its respective category can also be controlled, as you can enable/disable, change configurations and tweak with provided settings.


The application provides detailed list of all Windows tasks, processes and other complementary features that helps user to keep tab on each & every element which is related with system performance. It runs on all Windows based OS, testing was carried out on system running Windows 7 x86 system.

Download System Explorer

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