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System Security Guard Rates Files & Running Processes By Level Of Threat

System security is a major problem nowadays, but no antivirus software is able to detect each and every virus out there. Add the fact that new viruses are being created everyday and you got a real mess on your hands. So how do you protect your computer by yourself? Well, first of all you need information, and that’s precisely what System Security Guard is all about. Based off System Explorer (reviewed here), System Security Guard is a file scanning application that scans your computer for all programs, drivers and running processes. It compares all the detected files with an online database and categorizes them into four groups; Safe, Threat, Unknown and Suspicious files.

The Safe files group includes those files that have been judged by the community to be safe from all viruses. The Threat files group holds files with known threats, while Unknown files group includes files whose status is currently unknown to the community (they may have been released recently and thus not reviewed yet). Finally, the Suspicious files group contains files that are found to commit actions that are considered suspicious by the community, but not necessarily a threat. The community here refers to the community of people who actively publish reviews on program files to System Explorer’s website. They actively scan these files using many different antivirus software like Microsoft Security Essentials, Norton Internet Security, AVG, Kaspersky and more. In addition, they monitor the activity of files and search for any suspicious behavior. If such a behavior is found, they analyze and send all their findings and results to the site. All the data from many contributors is compiled and the results published for all to see.

System Security Guard

Once installed, System Security Guard begins scanning your computer for files and checks them against its online database. You can also run a manual scan of the currently running processes. Once the scan completes, a link to the results of your scan is generated. Clicking the link opens the results in your default web browser.

Here, the details of the scans are shown. You can check the results of the scan as well as the state of each scanned file. The Scanned files section shows the directory of the file, its name, file’s rating and links to details on the files (the links lead to file details stored on System Explorer’s website which is free for all to view and use).

Details of the file include:

  • Information used to check whether the file is authentic.
  • Antivirus reports from multiple antivirus softwares.
  • Compilation of users’ opinions as to whether the file is safe or a threat.
  • User-submitted text-reviews on the file.

System Security Guard - Hover on the Notification Icon System Security Guard - Right-click the Notification Icon

You can quickly check a summarized current report or change settings using the application’s notification icon. Hovering the mouse pointer will display a summarized report and right-clicking its system tray icon allows you to deactivate the scanning, change the application language, change alert settings etc.

While running, the application continues to scan your computer. The results are recorded as a report for viewing. You can access it by clicking the Show File Report link in the application’s window or the More details link shown in the snapshots above. The format of displaying information is the same as the System Security Guard Scan Results shown above.

System Security Guard - Last Discovered Files

System Security Guard is compatible with most Antivirus softwares, so there is little danger of clashes. It even has a portable version available. Get it now to boost your knowledge about the files in your computer.

Download System Security Guard

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