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SysTools Folder Lock: Batch-Locking & Password-Protection For Folders

We frequently review various folder locking tools for our readers. Just recently Fawad covered another such tool, called Folder Lock, which allows you to quickly encrypt or decrypt your classified data by simply dragging folders/files over the application window. Today, we stumbled across another application that might come in handy to lock your confidential files. SysTools Folder Lock is a small utility that protects your folders by a simple lock and unlock operation. What makes it different from other folder lock tools is its ability to lock your files without any password, however, you may also use password-protection to lock selected folders. Additionally, it allows you to assign a single password for groups of folders all at once. Using this feature, you can easily unlock all locked folders without having to remember different passphrases. More after the jump.

The main screen contains Systools Software and Folder Lock logos at the top, and a few quick links and other related ads in the main window. From the toolbar, you can quickly jump to Lock/Unlock section.

SysTools Folder Lock

To lock your folder(s), first click the Lock/Unlock button and then select the Folder Locking option, followed by clicking Next.


In the next step, click Add Folder button to the left to select your source folder. You can add as many folders as you want before you lock the files. You may also specify a password for any folder, by doubling clicking its Password (Optional) field. As mentioned earlier, you can enable Set same password at the bottom to automatically select the same password for all the folders in the database. When you have configured your preferred settings, simply click Lock to lock the folders.

Add Folder

Just like the locking procedure, folders can be unlocked from within the Lock/Unlock section. First off, click Lock/Unlock button and then select Folder Unlocking option before hitting Next. Now, choose the folders and hit Unlock..


Although the application is quite easy to use, there are a few hiccups that make it look a bit unfinished. For instance, when you password protect the folder, the password input box doesn’t respond to Enter key. We hope that these little bugs would be sorted out in future updates. The tool is available for free and works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download Systools Folder Lock

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