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Take, Edit And Annotate Screenshots With Snaplr

Snaplr is a miniscule screenshot taking application which is developed on Adobe Air to quickly capture any selected screen area. Unlike other tools which offers lengthy configurations to set up each screenshot taking mode, it offers a single mode which lets you instantly select screen region to capture it. Snaplr, however, has a limited set of features when it comes to post-screenshot editing features but it makes taking and editing screenshots extremely easy. For example, it allows you to draw circles and rectangles of defined color over the image to point out certain area of image. The Pencil, Arrow and Text tools will help you annotate significant parts of the screenshots.

Snaplr interface is designed to be minimal. You will find the screen area capture mode along with some image editing tools. To begin, hit Take Screenshot to capture the screen area.

snaplr main

Now select the area which you want to capture. When you leave mouse click, it will capture and send the screenshot for editing.

take screen1

The Editing tools enable you to add text and shapes to screenshot. Next to Take Screenshot button, you have color picker for all editing tools. Like previously covered Shotty’s screenshot editor, Snaplr can mark defined area by using highlight effect of chosen color.

snaplr 2

Besides Save Image, you have option to copy the edited image to Windows clipboard, so you can copy it to word processors and image editors for further editing. Snaplr apparently supports only PNG format. As of now, Snaplr is available for Windows only. Mac and Linux supported version will be available soon.

Download Snaplr

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