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Task List Guru Is Complete Desktop To-Do List Software

In the past, we have covered a great number of task management applications, such as, TaskCoach, App For The Milk (a desktop application for famous Remember The Milk), PhiTodo, and Doit.im. Since almost every application claims to be distinctive and more productive than other, it seems that there is no limit on number of features which can be incorporated into a task management software. As we have seen a staggering number of task/to-do list managers, picking out one that perfectly matches with user needs is rather difficult. Today we have stumbled across another to-do list manager called Task List Guru. Beyond the obvious features of a to-do list manager, it encompasses one complete mechanism for project management, catering to priority customizations, independent note taking, task reminder with a buzz, and hierarchical task list with a huge list of different icons to visually differentiate all the listed tasks.

The application comes with a nicely designed interface, which takes hardly a minute to become familiar with. The main window is divided into three panes, including a main navigator at the left side. From the toolbar, you can add a task, edit the existing one, change priority, search notes and tasks, print notes, add, edit, and delete folders to maintain hierarchy, and so on. While adding a task, you can also set a reminder, associate notes with it, and set priority.

task list

You can add as many tasks as you want in the same window by clicking Ok, add another button. Once done, all the tasks are listed on the main window, you can also see notes of the respective task in the bottom pane.

Task List Guru

It lets you manage all of your tasks which falls in one category in a build-in To-Do list manager, click add button (present right beneath the big new task button) to add a new To-Do list, just assign an icon and add to-do list title to categorize like tasks in a group.

To list manager1

To-do list right-click menu shows all the underlying options, you can create to-do lists in different hierarchies, change position, add sub To-Do list, change icon size, and change Tree options like Font color, family, color, etc.


Under Manage menu, you will find options to manage priorities, tasks types and columns. It lets you add a new priority, customize the existing one, and delete the priority. You can also manipulate the tasks types in similar fashion, Additionally, columns on the main interface can also be changed as per requirements.

priority manager1

If you’re planning to use it on more than one system, you can use the Deploy to USB device feature from File menu, which lets you export all the tasks with saved preferences to external storage device, so you can import the settings on any system without having to add them manually. Here you can also bring up main configuration window to change its behaviors and settings.


We’ve touched only the salient features and options, since it has a lot more to offer, you can see the detailed feature list on the product page. It runs on Windows XP/Vista/7, testing was done on Windows 7 x86 system.

Download Task List Guru


  1. I´ve tried this out, and it´s nice software. The free version is limited to 200 items though, which kinda sucks. The pro version is called Swift to-do list.

  2. nice and joyfull review, although this application seems a little blowed for me. I prefer ToDoList from AbstractSpoon which is also available in portable version and sits in my flash card I always carry with me

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