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Tasks By Telerik Is An Elegant, Feature-Laden Task & Project Manager For Windows 8

We live in an age where life has become a busy and hectic routine, with a lot on our hands and little time to manage it all manually. That’s why keeping a tab on what’s most important plays a significant role in managing everything successfully. Thanks to various task management utilities available for web, desktop and mobile platforms, technology is helping us tackling this more efficiently. If you’re on the hunt for a Modern UI task manager for Windows 8 or RT, take Tasks By Telerik for a spin. It’s a Windows store app that lets you manage your tasks and projects in a refreshing UI. You can set task notifications, add voice and photo notes, specify a recurrence pattern, filter or sort the tasks according to categories, and a lot more.

When it comes to the looks, Tasks by Telerik is simply gorgeous. The main screen of the app presents you with a minimal interface that shows you your current tasks and projects at a glance in their own sections. To create a new task or project, just hit the plus button next to the title of the relevant section.

Tasks by Telerik

When adding a task, you can enter all relevant details such as its name, category, priority level, recurrence time (if any), due date, time etc. If a task involves other people, you can also enter their contact information such as email address or mobile number. One scenario where this can come handy is when you want to be reminded about calling your friend or client as part of the task. In addition, the app enables attaching photos, voice notes and map location to the tasks as well, to make things more convenient. You can also jot down a short note pertaining to the task.

Tasks by Telerik_Task

In addition to tasks, the app lets you add and manage projects. This is fairly helpful if a task is one of the several elements needed to be done for the completion of the project. You can specify the project status (active, completed or not started), due date and a short note.

Tasks by Telerik_Projects

Any tasks or projects that you have added can be easily modified or removed later on. Moreover, if a project consists of a huge number of sub-tasks, you can specify them all individually as well.

Tasks by Telerik_Project_Details

You can also add assign categories to your tasks and projects in order to organize them efficiently. By default, the app already includes some predefined categories to begin with, including business, call, idea, personal shopping, study, to do etc. but you can add more categories of your own to the list as well.

Tasks by Telerik_Options

The Options bar of the app enables changing a few application-specific parameters such as retention policy of completed tasks, default reminder period, default project name, a project’s initial status, and default category etc.

While the free variant of the app already contains a multitude of features, an in-app purchase lets you unlocks further possibilities such as the ability to add voice notes and map locations, or sync your tasks across multiple devices via Microsoft Exchange or Office 365. Tasks by Telerik works on Windows RT as well as both 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Windows 8.

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