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TaskUnifer Brings Toodledo To Desktop, Supports Windows, Mac, Linux

TaskUnifier is new free open source, task management software which has a lot of different features to offer in comparison with previously reviewed variants, such as, mCheck, Doit.im, PhiTodo, Getting Things Done concept-based GeeTeeDee and Task List Guru. From the list, GeeTeeDee and Task List Guru stands apart mainly because the ease they both provide in organizing tasks. TaskUnifier is another addition to GTD based task management applications which is primarily geared towards management of users daily tasks and goals. It also brings synchronization with Toodledo – a task manager famous among iPhone users.

The noticeable distinction is the way it manages users tasks, the whole working is based upon three concepts Project, Context and Goals. Tasks can be organized in Projects folders, Context refers to which sort of tasks you can perform at different locations, and Goals – a job that can be done by performing specific set of tasks.

It has an eye-pleasing interface, which users can change by applying different available themes and layouts. Before starting out, click Folder in toolbar to enter Context, define Project Folder, and Goals.


Defining new tasks is easy, in main window, start with task titling followed by Tags, Folder, Context, Goals, Status (complete/incomplete), Reminder, Due Date, Length (of task), Priority, and so on. The left sidebar hold all the folders, goals, and contexts under corresponding categories, you can view tasks w.r.t to the selected category.

left side

To sync with Toodledo, first you need to enter and save your login credentials in settings window. Under Task tab, default set values for task-related fields can be changed.


From Theme tab, you can check out different available themes and tweak with Color even and Color odd palette to change overall look of it.


While testing, we found one downside that the input forms don’t show the text properly. As far as task management is concerned, the claimed concept has been nicely implemented. Testing was done on Windows 7 x64 system while it works on Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download TaskUnifier

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