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TED Notepad: Editor With 312 Hotkey Supported Text-Processing Features

The Windows Notepad has not seen a lot of development in the different releases of Windows. You can justify the lack of features by arguing that Notepad is supposed to be simply, as Wordpad is available in Windows for the advanced editing operations. However, we have covered a lot of Notepad replacement applications, such as Notepad7, Glass Notepad, Letterpress and EditPad. All of these programs have their own strengths and weaknesses; for instance, Glass Notepad has a transparent interface, Letterpress offers declarative customization and EditPad Lite provides you with a tabbed interface. TED Notepad is a portable tool that can be used as an alternative to Windows Notepad. It presents you with 312, easily-accessible, innovative text processing functions that allow you to save a lot of time when editing documents. Not only does it have a massive number of features, all of them can be accessed though hot key combinations, enabling you to quickly create and edit your document. Read on to find more.

TED Notepad can be used for both basic and advanced editing functions. In the Options menu, toggle Line Numbers and Line Lengths to view the paragraph count and number of letter per line, respectively. The Status bar at the bottom shows the position of the cursor and total Line Count, Columns, Position in terms of letters etc. All the data is updated in real time as you type.

Untitled - TED Notepad

A lot notable features are included in the Tools menu accessible from the top . It has sub categories to perform actions on the document related to the Case of letters, Line & Text management, Reverse, Sort, Wrap and Text Filters. For instance, from the Lines sub menu under Tools, you can apply indent and unindent to the lines, trim tail spaces and empty lines, shift left and right etc.

Untitled - TED Notepad_2012-02-07_16-20-40

The application also has its own clipboard manager that lets you copy and paste up to 9 items simultaneously. To make the process of copying and pasting from clipboard faster than any other text editor or clipboard manager, TED Notepad has a different pre-assigned hot key for each of the 9 clipboard slots.

Untitled - TED Notepad_2012-02-07_16-23-17

This is not the complete list of features offered by TED Notepad, and this article only covers the basic functionality of the application. The complete list can be found on the product page. TED Notepad is available in both installable and portable versions, and works on all 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows.

Download TED Notepad

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