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Temporarily Block Access To Time-Wasting Websites With Cold Turkey

Whenever you are working on PC, everything else suddenly starts seeming a lot more interesting than the actual work. Websites like Facebook, YouTube, 9gag and Memebase can be a big distraction, and have the potential for becoming a cause of missing those important deadlines. It all starts with someone sending you a link to a funny video, and you then spend hours and hours going from video to video. This wastes a lot of your time and makes makes it hard for you to complete your work on time. So what do you do to stop yourself from getting distracted while working? We suggest Cold Turkey. It is an open source application that helps you concentrate on your work by temporarily blocking predefined/custom websites and games. The access to specified websites is blocked on all browsers, with the ability to block the sites for intervals of 10 minutes to a week. The application cannot be stopped from the system tray or task manager, practically disabling you from wasting your time.

The application has three main tabs at the top; Sites, Games and Custom. By default, the Sites tab is selected, containing options to select websites for blocking from a list containing Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, CollegeHumor, Reddit etc. From the Till When box, define date and time to keep the websites blocked. Click Go Cold Turkey! to activate the application.

Cold Turkey Main

The Games tab has Warcraft III added by default, but more games can be added by requesting the developer. The Custom tab allows you to add custom websites to block the ones that are not included in the Sites list. Type the URL of a website and click +Add button to add it to the block list.

Cold Turkey Custom

A notification will display the date and time till which the websites will be blocked. Once the websites are blocked, you cannot access them with any browser.

Cold Turkey Block www.memebase

Once the application is activated, you cannot disable it, but it allows you to add more websites to the block list by double-clicking its desktop icon.

Cold Turkey Add to Current Block

Cold Turkey works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Cold Turkey

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