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TextImages Lets You Create Images From Text For Format Conservation

When developing a website, it is a major concern for web designers that the font should be displayed in the correct and desired size and style on the webpage. For instance, if you want to create a webpage with all the titles in the same font, you can specify your desired font in the HTML document, but it will not ensure that the particular font will be displayed correctly on everyone else’s computer, and more notably, on every browser. The other user might not have the same set of fonts installed in their computers as you, resulting in messing up the look of your webpage. One solution to this problem is creating images of your text, and uploading these images instead of plain text to your webpage. TextImages is an application for doing just that. Read more on TextImages after the break.

It is a simple tool that lets you easily create images from text. It allows you to set Font Size and Color, Image Background Color and Font Style. Moreover, it lets you specify Variable Image Size based on width of text, or a Fixed Image Size. Margin Spaces for Top, Down, Left, Right and Line Height of the text can be increased and decreased by using the mouse wheel. A preview is available for all the changes being made to the image at the top of the main interface.

The application has four tabs at the top, named Text, Font and Format, Margin and Spaces and Save. To create an image from text, enter the required text in Text tab, and click Next to choose the desired Font Size, Format, Font and Background Color and Font style. The Margins and Spaces tab lets you adjust the Variable Image Size, Fixed Image Size and margin Spaces, whereas the Save tab lets you select a Directory, File Name and File Format to save the image. TextImages allows you to save the file in all popular image formats, including JPG, PNG, BMP, JIF, GIF, PSD, TIF etc. Click Create and Save button available at the bottom to create the image.

TextImages - Stefan Trost Media

The application allows you to configure extended Format Options and File Name Options from the Settings menu at the top. If you need the image configuration for creating more than one image, you can save and load the current settings from Configuration tab at the top. TextImages works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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  1. The problem with text images is that they’re not highlightable and copyable as text to the clipboard; and they’re not readable by search engine spiders.  Making text into images is a hugely bad idea, all ’round.  The only real application for it is to display email addresses so that they can’t be crawled by spammers’ spiders.

    And while it’s true that all site visitors may not have the exact same font set on their computers, and so, therefore, the page may display a little differently on some machines, the whole POINT of so-called “web safe” fonts is that they’re pretty much guaranteed to be on everyone’s machines; and as long as they’re the ones that came with the operating system, they’re also pretty much guaranteed to be the same size — and so display — in all browsers.  It’s only if the machine is used for typography and design and whatnot might the font set on it be aftermarket, and THAT’s where it can get dicey.

    Since most users aren’t in that situation, and since most owners of machines with aftermarket fonts on them completely understand the consequences, it’s really a pointness and time-wasting endeavor to go through all this just to make the page look right.  Plus, if one is going to comply with W3C (and ADA) standards, one is going to use relative font sizes so they can be easily resized by the user in any case.  The trick is to develop the page in such a manner that it can withstand resizing without same totally destroying the layout.

    Or one can use the SPAN tag to define font size, and lock-in the size so it can’t be resized.  It’s kind of a dirty trick, and it’s non-standard, but it achieves, on most machines, the preservation of the layout, while still making the text on the page readable by search engine spiders.

    This text images tool is nice, but I, for one, would only use it for displaying email addresses.  That’s it.
    _____________________________________Gregg L. DesElmsNapa, California USAgregg at greggdeselms dot com

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