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TextRoom Is A Free Fullscreen Distracion-Free Text Entry Tool

If you’re a writer, journalist, blogger, or anyone who has to perform a writing task on their PC and cannot resist the temptation to check your IM notifications, email client every few minutes, and all these activities are causing hindrance in your primary writing task, then TextRoom might be the answer for you. This tool provides a totally distraction-free writing environment as it works in full-screen, covering everything as you type.

There isn’t much to explain, really. Typing is done with a contrasting background and font, and basic text styling like bold, italics etc. are supported. Keystrokes are accompanied by typewriter sounds, so that’s an entertaining effect, Once done with typing, you can save the document as TextRoom’s own files, but text can be copy pasted to any other application. The bottom left of screen shows the word count while right side displays the current time, and that’s about all there is to it.

TextRoom is a Windows only application, and works well with Windows 7 32-bit.

Download TextRoom

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