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TextTrix: Multi-Featured User-Friendly Text Editor With Easy Navigation Support

Texttrix is an opensource text editor which aims to bring ease in creating and editing text files whilst supporting syntax of multiple eminent programming languages. The application generally caters less intensive users, however, advanced options and features will come useful for professional users too. It offers syntax support of Java, C++, C, web page formats (XHTML, HTML, CSS, etc), JavaScript and more.

One of the most prominent feature it offers is Line Dance, which serves the basic need of remembering an important line in the document. Additionally, it let user saves an array of lines in its memory to quickly view/modify them when required. The search feature is quite rich as it let user filter the search results by providing multiple parameters like; Whole Word Only, Select area only, etc. All these features along with other options are expanded on the top of window. Apart from this, menus are always available to perform basic operations.


The tabbed interface will help you in navigating through opened documents under its window, new tabs are created under a group which can easily be managed. It includes a feature namely HTML Replacer, which can show the text equivalents of HTML tags.

HTML Replacer1

Another noteworthy feature it offers is Letter Pulse, which helps in finding out the hidden messages in the document. For instance, enter a sentence or word to find out the occurrence of each letter in the document.

letter pulse1

Overall, it is an advanced text editor, offering lot of useful features and options. Letter Pulse and Line Dance are significant features among the list. The code rendering process is smooth and fast as far as the programming languages support is concerned. It runs on all Windows based OS, testing was carried out Windows 7 on x86 system.

Download TextTrix

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