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theRenamer: Correctly Rename TV Shows And Movies via Drag & Drop

TV Series like Game of Thrones and Modern Family, are highly watched all over the world these days. Some people watch them on TV, others stream it from the internet, while another group of people like to download/ rip the TV Series and and store it in their hard drive. However, when downloading or ripping a complete season or some episodes of TV Series, a very common issue that comes up is of file names. Everyone likes to keep their local files named according to their own personal preference of naming format. Some people like to keep only the season and episode number, while others want the complete episode title in the file name. Editing each file manually and renaming it can be quite a tedious task. Previously, we have covered a very useful tool to rename episodes of TV series, called Name My TV Series, which is a multi-platform application to easily and quickly rename the locally available TV Series. Today, we have another software which performs the same function but in an even easier way. theRenamer is an application for Windows that lets you automatically rename your TV Series, as well as movies, allowing you to organize them in your hard drive. More on theRenamer after the break.

The application works with almost all the popular databases of movies and TV Series, including IMDb.com, TV.com, the TVDB.com, EPGUIDES.com and MMA. It uses Google as its main engine for matching the episodes, and when found, automatically grabs the official show name and episode titles from the most comprehensive databases on the internet. From the main interface, the application allows you to toggle between TV Shows and Movies mode. You can also choose the default database which will be used to retrieve the information.

theRenamer Awesome Simple Renamer. Build 7.57

To add files to the application for renaming, just drag and drop them on to the main interface. The application will automatically search for their correct file names. You will be provided with an option to select which files to rename and the ones to keep with their original name. Click Proceed to change the file names.


The Settings menu lets you configure the renaming format. You can choose to include or exclude the Show Name, Season Number, Episode Title, and specify the season and episode numbering format, the Fetch folder and TV Shows Archive etc.

theRenamer Awesome Simple Renamer. Build 7.57.png Settings

The application works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download theRenamer


  1. filebot (a simple java app)  does this job quite well also. though it is quite buggy. so I’d recommend that if you are not on windows.
    but what I want to see is another system to find the name of TV shows based on their contents (so the filename can be gibberish at the start.) like boxee used to have. (if a programmer is watching this, a screenshot taker and google “search by image” would get the job done here right away)

  2. “usually” works well… has a few problems with shows like House which it renames incorrectly at times. Also need to verify that Episode 1 is renamed as Episode 1 and not another number, as that happens sometimes too… Still the best program ive ever used for renaming

  3. Great little program.  I’ve used it for over a year now and comes in quite handy for poorly named files.

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