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This Windows File Rescue Suite Even Lets You Recover Deleted Emails

How many times have you accidently deleted an important file only to feel regretted later down the road? Accidents do happen, and can be a common practice when you’re getting rid of some unwanted junk from your PC or simply want to make transition to a new OS and forget to backup some files. File recovery software amount in tens or maybe hundreds. Recuva, for instance, is a competitive tool to easily recover lost or deleted data from the hard drive. There are countless other alternatives that you may easily find on the internet, and we have covered a pile of them, too. UndeleteMyFiles Pro is another such application that’s worth giving a try. The application is like a file recovery suite that comes packed with several data salvation options and features. For instance, you can specify search filters for groups such as Pictures, Documents, Videos etc., to quickly select all the related extensions pertaining to the selected group. Apart from bringing your data back to life, it also lets you shred the files using the integrated files Wiper tool. What’s more, there’s a Mail Recue feature, which can come in handy to recover deleted mails from MS Outlook, Netscape, Outlook Express, and Eudora.

The interface of the application provides access to all the available features on launch. The welcome screen holds File Rescue, Files Wiper, Media Recover, Emergency Disk Image, Deleted File Search and Mail Rescue options. File Rescue and Media Recover function pretty much the same, the only difference being the latter lets you recover media files such as images, videos and music, and also lets you preview the selected files beforehand.

UndeleteMyFiles Pro

Files Wiper is quite useful to permanently get rid of some confidential files, so they can’t be recovered via any file recovery tool. It enables you to select multiple directories to wipe out the items in batch operation.

UndeleteMyFiles Pro_Wipe

If you have used a data recovery tool such as Recuva, you would most probably be familiar with how such tools work. Emergency Disk Image feature in UndeleteMyFiles Pro is rather quite useful. It stores a snapshot of important data into selected directory. In layman terms, it creates a single image file into a separate location, so it may be restored within a single click. To do this, select it from the main window and then click “Create New Image”. Select the output directory, as well as the drive that you want to create the image for, and then click okay to generate the image.

UndeleteMyFiles Pro_Image

Deleted File Search is an advance feature that you can use to summon the lost files. Clicking Search at the top left corner opens the Search Options console from where in you may specify your desired parameters. For example, the group name filtering I referred to earlier can be selected from within this console under Files tab. Simply select “Find certain file types” option to unlock additional settings. Supposedly, if you’re just looking for image files, select Pictures and the tool will look only for GIF, PNG, JPEG, TIF etc.

Lastly, the Mail Rescue that we mentioned earlier is a wonderful feature. Sadly, the application doesn’t support Mozilla’s Thunderbird email client. Since, MS Outlook (and some other clients) save email data into PST, if your entire PST file goes missing, you might need to use the app’s Deleted Files Search feature to recover it. If it’s already present in your PC, the tool will execute the scan process to look for the file.

UndeleteMyFiles Pro_Mail Rescue

Overall, UndeleteMyFiles Pro is a nifty tool that does a marvelous job in salvaging the lost files. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Testing was carried out on Windows 8 Pro, 64-bit.

Download UndeleteMyFiles Pro

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