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Ticno Screenshooter: Lightweight Screenshot Taking App For Windows

Ticno Screenshooter is a screenshot taking application for instantly capturing a specific portion, current window or the entire desktop. It has been developed by the developer of Multibar, and for this reason, it automatically integrates with the Multibar dock (if installed). It works pretty similar to other screenshot-taking applications like Greenshot, but is much more lightweight (with a memory stamp of approximately 5.5MB, as compared to 21MB of memory usage by Greenshot).

To take screenshots, launch Screenshooter and press the respective hotkeys. The main interface of Screenshooter displays the hotkeys that can be used for taking screenshots. Available combinations are as follows: Prt Sc+1 capture complete desktop, Prt Sc+2 capture custom area and Prt Sc+3 for capturing active window. You can also specify a default image format for saving screenshots in, i.e., PNG, JPG or BMP. To take a screenshot, launch Screenshooter and press a hotkey combination. All screenshots are saved in the default Windows Pictures library; however, you can change the default path from Settings.


Screenshots are displayed in the application window, and you can either view the list or thumbnails of captured screens. Hovering the mouse over a screenshot provides options to upload the image, open the screenshot directory and/or delete it.


If you click the Upload button, the screenshot is uploaded and the upload URL is automatically added to the clipboard.

Uploading screenshotBuffer

You can paste this link in a browser to view and download the screenshot.


Screenshooter may not have a lot of features like the top 6 Free Photo Sharing And Screenshot Taking Tools, which we have reviewed for our readers. However, if you are looking for a lightweight screenshot taking application, with support for uploading images to the cloud, then Screenshooter might be worth a try. Ticno Screenshoter works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Ticno Screenshoter

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