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TimeSnapper Auto-Captures Screenshots At Custom Intervals & Plays Them Back Like A Video

Time tracking has wide scale applications in project management where detailed timesheets demand a great memory. Going back in time helps workers and managers identify 0weak areas that are hindering performance and curtailing efficiency in large scale production scenarios. For strict office environments, administrators can keep a check on every click on employees’ systems and eradicate all non-work activities for their betterment. However, this isn’t just applicable at macro-level; an individual can analyze the time spent on his or her computer with activity details and productivity insights by rewinding and viewing their tech deeds like a movie. TimeSnapper is a sleek tool that makes doing this extremely easy. It lets you record and analyze activity on your system with the help of custom snapshot intervals.

Installing TimeSnapper requires you to signup online and access the download link through the specified email address. Once installed, this application welcomes you with a simple interface, enabling both recording and playback of time tracking information as per requirement.


As evident, TimeSnapper takes screenshots every few seconds and plays them like a movie for tracking time. These screen captures are saved in the path specified by the user with the custom interval depending on the detail-oriented nature of the activity. By clicking Record, the application minimizes itself to the system tray and begins recording. At any time, depending on the need, the recording can be paused and resumed with ease. In addition, through the Options button, you can easily specify the image quality by selecting a preferred format and resolution for the saved images, which certainly makes it easier on your hard drive.

For intensive use over long durations of time, these measures alone may not relieve your hard disk utilization sufficiently, owing to the fact that the application continues to operate in the background, and will keep a record of even the oldest of images that it captured. In such situations, you can easily access the Archive tab in the Options window, providing you the ability to delete or maintain the screenshot archive.

TimeSnapper archives

Images can be removed either manually or automatically. Automatic removal requires threshold specification by the user (please refer to the screenshot above). For a clean sweep, click Delete all history button to start from scratch. Clicking Archive now tells you the state of the disk space used and files left in the archive.

To view the activities recorded, click Play Movie on the main window and begin analyzing day to day recording. By clicking the date on the top right corner of this window, you can easily access the calendar for better browsing capabilities against time.

TimeSnapper Browsing 2

While we reviewed the free version of this utility, TimeSnapper Professional license is also available for $24.95, with advanced features like productivity calculator, reporting, flags, shortcuts menu and detailed statistics for the better. The application works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Testing was carried out on Windows 7 Ultimate, 64-bit.

Download TimeSnapper Classic


  1. Time tracking is very essential for those working at home or remotely. I see that this tool, Time Snapper looks good however, I think there are some features that it is still lacking. We are commonly using Time Doctor in our company and it lets us track our time and monitors our computer activity while working as well.

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