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TimeTask: Task Manager With Built-In Music Player, Shutdown Timer & File/Application Launcher

With each passing day, the pace of life is increasing all over the world for most of us. Compared to our ancestors, we are required to perform a lot more in much less time. With so many things to do in a day, one sometimes forgets about the all the tasks one has to perform. Nowadays, it is almost a must to have a good task reminder to help you remember and manage yourself efficiently. We have covered some very good task managers for both Windows and Mobile platforms, such as Conqu (reviewed here) and Concenturio (reviewed here). Today, we have another task manager called TimeTask that combines the features of a task manager, music player, shutdown timer and timed application launcher. More on TimeTask after the jump.

The application is aimed at performing more than an average task manger. The definition of “Task” is not limited to reminding you of doing something manually, but is extended to opening a file or starting a program at a certain prespecified time, for example, playing music, or executing the computer’s power options, such as Shutdown, Restart, Log Off etc.

The main interface of TimeTask has two tabs at the top, namely Timers and Music that deal with the two main components of the application. The Timers tab features options to add different types of timers for reminding your about an upcoming task. The left side contains Reminder editing options while the right side contains the list of previously added Tasks.


Under Task Name, you can find different types of timers, each one with its specific options. The List contains Reminder (simple reminder), Open File (open a selected file at a particular time), Run Program (run a program at specified time), Play Music (play added music), Standby, Shutdown, Restart, Log Off and Lock (execute power options at specified times) as the type of timers available.


The Music tab contains all the music you have added to the program. Music can be added from the More button available at the top-right corner. Some music categories are included by default, while more can be created by right-clicking in the left pane.

TimeTask.png Music

A backup copy of the application settings, as well as all the reminders can be created by using the Backup and Restore option available in the main menu (accessible from the top-right corner of the interface).

Backup and Restore

The application works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download TimeTask

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