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Tinuous Is A Powerful Batch Image Editor With Support For Plug-ins

At first glance, Tinuous may seem to be just another image conversion app, but the tool offers some impressive image processing power under the hood. The software is designed to perform batch conversion of image files. This comes useful in instances when you don’t have time to convert each image file individually. It allows you to resize and rename images, adjust image quality, alter dimensions, change brightness, contrast, saturation and hue, and modify some other aspects of the images. The application supports most major image formats, including JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF and more. Keep reading for more details.

A very useful feature of the tool is the directory tree pane on the left, making the process of browsing for files stored anywhere on your computer both quick and intuitive. You just have to expand the directory to reveal further subdirectories, and then drag the required directories to the Input Folder or Output folder boxes to instantly set the directory as source or destination folder for the images.

Tinuous packs in various photo tweaking options under its three tabs named General, Individual and Advanced. Additionally, you can change a few application specific settings under the Options tab, and setup third-party plugins under the Plug-ins tab. The General tab houses a multitude of image alteration settings. You can specify the formats to be converted under the Input drop down menu, which is useful if you have many types of image files present in the folder but want to process only a particular type such as JPEG. Likewise, you can specify the output format. The Save Settings section to the right changes dynamically according to the selected output format. For JPEG, you can increase or reduce image quality, change sampling ratio, shrink width or height, rotate the image or sharpen edges (Low, Med, High). Similarly, you get the appropriate settings for other file types such as PNG, BMP, TIFF etc.


You’re only allowed to select a whole directory as source location, but you can manually select specific images from that directory to work on under the Individual tab. Simply mark the images that you want to convert under the Input Files list, and the rest of the images that are left unmarked will be skipped by the process.


The Advanced tab allows you to further tweak the conversion settings. It enables you to change the Bit depth of the output files, as well as toggle dithering, progressive, transparent color, exif copy and interlace modes. You can also add your comments to the file. While there aren’t any advanced effects to apply, the basic brightness, contrast, saturation and hue controls can come handy to manually tweak an otherwise bland image.


The Options tab houses some generic settings, allowing you to specify the default input and output folders, add an entry for Tinuous under the ‘Send To’ context menu for quick conversion right from Windows Explorer, and toggle a few other miscellaneous parameters.


Tinuous is a robust image converter that does its job exceptionally well, making it one of best tools of its kind around. The app works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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