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Tiny Notepad Is A Metro-Based Text Editor For Windows 7, Vista & XP

Notepad is the most basic text editor available for use in Windows. It is meant to provide users with the most basic options for editing text-only documents, such as cut, copy, paste, word wrap, change font etc. There are no options to include and edit images, include page margins etc. For those type of advanced editing functions, Microsoft Word in the Office instalment can be used. Previously, we have covered some very good applications that provide you with an alternative to the default Notepad, such as Glass Notepad, a free portable notepad for Windows that is similar to the default notepad but its interface is transparent, and Notepad7, a text editor with all the options included in the default Notepad, but it has a different ribbon-based GUI. Today, we have another notepad for you, called Tiny Notepad, with almost the same options, albeit with a completely different user interface based on the new Metro UI of Windows 8. Keep reading to find out more about Tiny Notepad.

Tiny Notepad has all the simple document editing options included in the default Notepad, such as Word Wrap, changing into different fonts, cut, copy, paste, undo and redo. The prominent different is in its interface. The interface is completely based on the Metro Style UI included in Windows 8. The main interface comes with a black bar at the top with a white typing area. You can access the Settings menu from the top left, while options to minimize and maximize the application to full screen view are available at the top right corner.

Tiny Notepad by INTERface Computing Solutions

Clicking the Settings button opens up options to Activate Word Wrap, Set The Font and Resize Window. Activating and deactivating Word Wrap is done directly from this menu.

Tiny Notepad by INTERface Computing Solutions_2012-04-09_17-15-02

Choose Set the font to change the font according to your preference. You can change the font style as well as its size. A preview pane at the bottom shows you how each selected font looks like before applying it on to the complete document.

Tiny Notepad (Paused)_2012-04-09_17-14-40

Select Resize Window in the Settings menu to resize the application Window. Just grab the edges, set the size according to your preference and click I’m done! to save the size settings.

Tiny Notepad (resize)

The fact that you cannot change the Window size directly using the interface edges is a bit of a turn off. Moreover, there are no options to make the font Bold or Italic. The application is still in beta, and hopefully the developer will look into these issues. Tiny Notepad works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download Tiny Notepad

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