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Todoist’s ‘Next’ Revamp Boasts New Collaboration Features, Visual Scheduling & More

Avid Todoist users will be delighted to learn that the popular task and to-do list management app has now been updated to a new variant dubbed Todoist Next, and the upgrade has made the already great service even better!  This new name comes from a complete rewrite of code under the hood, making Todoist more intuitive and fun to use. The app has gained several significant improvements through the new update, such as real-time syncing across supported platforms, new Mailbox-like visual scheduling to plan your days with ease, improved UI in web and Windows apps, ability to collaborate and sync projects with other Todoist users, and more. Continue reading for further details.

Todoist Next

One of the most awesome improvements Todoist Next brings to the table is real-time syncing across all the platforms it supports. This means all your projects and tasks will now automatically get synced to supported devices the very moment you create them.

The service currently has a web app, native apps for Android, iOS, Mac and Windows, browser extensions for Firefox and Chrome, as well as add-ons for Gmail, Outlook and Thunderbird, making Todoist one of the most ubiquitous task management services available in the market.

Todoist Next Platforms

The Android app still looks largely the same as version 2.0, but now includes a visual scheduler that is designed to make your daily planning more streamlined. For instance, when assigning a due date while creating your projects or subtasks, you can simply tap today, tomorrow, next week etc. to quickly set them up instead of going through the whole calendar.

Todoist Next_Android Todoist Next_Scheduel Todoist Next_Premium

You can also invite other people to join in and manage tasks collaboratively. These collaborative features include delegating tasks to one another, discussing to-dos in order to accomplish them in a better way, and getting notified when any changes happen to a shared task. Freemium users can also now invite up to 5 people for a total of 6 users, while Premium users can further extend this flexibility to up to 26 users in all.

Todoist Next_Windows

After paying a $29/year fee, Premium users get to play with additional features including reminders, calendar sync, ability to use labels, files attachments such as images and documents, full collaboration on projects including syncing between users in real times, as well as the ability to add your emails as tasks.

Existing mobile app users can update to the latest version from their respective app stores, while the other versions can be found at the service’s website.

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