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ToDoPlus: Manage Project Tasks By Organizing Them In A Task-Tree

The best way to complete any given task effectively, is to do it the right way and in a well organized manner. Unorganized tasks simply take more time than they really should, as you don’t have the things properly planned right from the beginning. To help you ease this job, we have an application for you called ToDoPlus. It is a task management application that can help you out during working on different projects by allowing you to use its task-tree feature, for organizing small tasks under one hood. The utility offers a smart way of organizing your projects to save yourself from wasting precious time. Although it has a very simple interface, you will rather be more attractive to its usefulness. The application lets you create sub-tasks to achieve small objectives first before you can focus on dealing with bigger goals. You can also filter out unimportant task, so that you can focus on tasks that hold higher priority. Moreover, it has an option to password protect tasks to restrict unauthorized users from accessing them. Other features include universal task search, auto-resuming of tasks on your next login, and import/export of project files.

To get started, the first thing you need to do is give your main task an appropriate name. All the sub-tasks will come underneath it as you make progress. The application allows you to create as many sub-tasks as you want in between the listed tasks. Furthermore, if you want to put some tasks under a certain group, you can create folders to categorize them. The main interface has all task management-related actions stacked on the toolbar. Since each button supports a hotkey, you can use the mapped shortcut to quickly perform the action over the task list.


When you have successfully completed a particular task, you can mark it as finished, so that you don’t confuse it with other unfinished tasks. When you mark a task as finished/completed, it automatically gets faded, to easily identify it from the rest. The application also lets you to put star on your important tasks. As mentioned earlier, you can password protect your tasks to restrict unauthorized usage. To do this, simply click the Unlock icon at the upper right and enter the password.

Password Protect

Overall, ToDoPlus is an excellent application for working on different projects that comprise of sub-tasks. The program works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Mac OS X.

Download ToDoPlus


    • TodoPlus is virus free. There was unfortunately adware in an early installer and it was detected as malware, but that is now gone.

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