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Toggl Turns Your Time Into Money By Tracking Total Time Spent On Tasks

Tracking time that you are spending manually can become as hard as the project work itself. Therefore, many users tend to pick up an un-obtrusive time management application which offers minimal controls for tracking time spent on project tasks, but what if you’re working in a team to achieve the required tasks allocated by your project supervisor or client? How would you track down total time that has been spent by all the team members? Problem can get bigger if your team members are working remotely and using different OS platforms. To tackle problem of tracking time in heterogeneous environment, you need one ubiquitous tool which caters to all OS platforms and portable devices, such as, Toggl. In a nutshell, it is a web based timesheet killer which works on all three major OS platforms – Windows, Mac, and Linux, while offering timer apps for both iPhone and Android phones. You can keep a check on all project tasks which are completed, on schedule, in progress, and about to finish, by tracking the time that is being spent on them using Toggl’s web interface.

According to the developer, it will be specifically useful for those who work in teams to complete several tasks of one big project. Since tracking down collective effort of all the team members is important, it gives a simple way to break down the project work into tasks with defined timelines to evaluate overall work productivity.


So how does it work? You can either choose to enter details of project with all the underlying tasks from its web app or install a small desktop application on your OS. Before listing down task details, you need to sign up with Toggl account which hardly takes a minute. Once registered, enter project details and set timer for each task. All the listed project tasks with allocated timelines will automatically get synced. So, the team members can access all the listed tasks, mark them complete, change timeline, add new tasks, or start a new project.

win 3 mac 3


When minimized, it sits in system tray, allowing you to bring it up quickly, change the UI settings, and turn on the autopilot mode. Creating new tasks and adding project is easy. You just need to mention the task details followed by project from the main interface. Once added, it will sync the details with all currently active desktop apps.

togg win

If you’re using Toggl desktop for Mac, you can access Settings window from its Dock.

toggl 5


To check the amount of work done and remaining time, you can open Toggl web application by signing in with your account details. The web app presents all the features for adding and editing the project details with an option to visually analyze the work done on Pie chart.

web 1

Sadly, Toggl free version handles only 5 users at a time. Nevertheless, you can go for paid plans which are, Team (for 10 users), Plus (20 users), and Max (40 users) and costs $ 19, $ 39, and $79, respectively. It is to be noted here that the paid plans offer some extra features as well, such as, Track earnings, plan tasks ahead, and integration with Basecamp, iCal, and RSS.

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