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Toolwiz BSafe: Create Encrypted Personal Data Containers & Mount Them As Virtual Drives

If you’re even remotely familiar with Windows’ BitLocker Drive Encryption utility, or the much popular (and open source) TrueCrypt, then you may know about the file and disk encryption features that these utilities have to offer. Despite being powerful, both tools do have a few drawbacks such as BitLocker only lets you encrypt and decrypt a whole drive, which itself can be a time wasting process in case you have a large drive, while TrueCrypt, with its advanced settings and tedious configuration wizard, requires users to understand each encryption option to protect their precious data. However, there’s another, and a rather simple, file encryption tool that you can use to encrypt your files. Toolwiz BSafe is a powerful data encryption tool that lets you create encrypted file containers and mount them as virtual drives. It lets you easily create a safe (file container), and you have the liberty to create as many safes as you want without having to configure encryption settings. The application uses Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256 to protect your files. Keep reading for more details.


The tool sports a white-themed interface design. The features are divided into two sections, know as managers, to work with your files, named as Safe Manager and Mount Manager. To get started, create a new safe using the Create New Safe option.

Toolwiz BSafe

Now, you need to create a new file container; just click Select File to specify the name of the file followed by the output directory. Next up, choose your desired size for the container that you want to work with, in MBs. Since it creates fixed-size file container, make sure that you choose the appropriate size, as you will not be able to modify the file container size once it’s created. Now, enter your password and click Create Now to create your file.

Toolwiz BSafe_Create New

Once created, your new safe will be automatically mounted as a drive. You can use this drive just like a local drive, and perform all file management tasks without any issues. When you want to dismount the drive, just head over to the main interface and select the mounted drive, and hit Close Selected Safe to dismount the file container.

Toolwiz BSafe_Drive

You can alter a few parameters of the created safes, while opening them. For instance, you can choose to change drive letter of the safe as well as mount the safe drive as read-only disk.

Toolwiz BSafe_Open Safe

Likewise, you can change an existing Safe’s password by hitting Change Safe Password button from the main interface. First off, select the dismounted file container, and then enter your current password followed by new password and confirm password, and then click Change Now to change the password.

Toolwiz BSafe_change safe pass


  • AES 256 encryption technique provides a strong shield of security and prevents data from brute force attacks.
  • Ability to create Safes of user-defined size.
  • Simple and easy configuration even for a novice.
  • Allows fast mounting and dismounting of file containers.


  • TrueCrypt users will not find anything new.
  • Doesn’t offer right-click context menu integration to quickly mount and dismount virtual encrypted disks.

Final Verdict

There you have it, an extremely useful & easy file encryption tool that aims to provide core TrueCrypt-like data encryption functionality, while providing an easy way to manage all mounted encrypted file containers. Not only does the software look good, it performs as it should as well.

The application works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems are supported. Testing was carried out on Windows 7, 64-bit.

Download Toolwiz BSafe


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