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TopWinPrio Gives High Priority To Active Application To Boost Performance

TopWinPrio is free program to boost the performance of applications that are active. According to the developer, it has an ability to change active application priority to high while keeping all the other applications instances on low priority to steer CPU usage for application which needs faster and high CPU response time. You will observe its real usage while playing games or using other heavy applications such as Adobe Photoshop Suite, Adobe Flash, 3-D Studio Max, etc.

The application working is based on simple principle, it always keep the active window’s priority high. When an application is minimized/inactivated, it will change its priority from high to low, letting other active application take high priority. This way an active application can always gain more attention of CPU than normally opened applications. Once TopWinPrio is installed, it sits in the system tray letting you bring it up anytime to prioritize the active & inactive application in real time. The main interface has 3 tabs – Priolist, Boost settings, and Application settings, to view the current priority of active/inactive applications, change priority boost settings, and to change application general configurations, respectively.


Under Boost Settings, along with changing active & inactive application’s permanent priority, you can also set refresh rate for changing application priority.

priority list 3

TopWinPrio offers a great way to make active applications more responsive. It runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista & Windows 7. Testing was done on Windows 7 x86 system.

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  1. I am a devoted user of the TuneUp Utilities suite. Is this application better than TuneUp’s start center

  2. The idea of giving high priority to active application (process) is fundamentally idiot. Playing around with priorities requires elaborated context such as ‘Process Lasso’ delivers. This TopWinPro application would make a staff of sad tired ITs on a Monday morning laugh as never 🙂

    • I like it, the program is careful enough to not use the higher settings for priority, that gives the boost desired without messing up the normal routines in windows.

      It does not play around with the priorities, instead it works smoothly with the processes active and it actually informs the user of what settings not to use (in other word, the settings that would mess up the priorities)

      So honestly, I think the IT crowd on that Monday evening would laugh more at your stupidity than the program.

      The only thing you got right is that Process Lasso is superior to this program, only problem with that is that it is also more difficult to understand for normal users, this program is simple with only few options but it gets the job done.

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