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Modify Timestamps For Files From Windows Properties With TouchPro

Every document, image, video, song and any other file on your computer has a few associated timestamps (that can be seen within the Properties window) for letting you know when was it created, modified or last accessed. The effective use of these timestamps comes into play when working on network drives where files from different timezones get mixed and matched, and you need to keep a tab on when the files were last accessed or modified by other users of the network. Should you want to change any of these timestamps for any purpose, there are a numerous apps available for the job. Previously, we’ve showed you different ways to change timestamp using tools like SKTimeStamp and Smart TimestampTouchPro is yet another similar app that allows you to easily modify these timestamps for any files on your local or network drives.

What makes it different from our previously covered tools is its command line support, which allows you to run VB Scripts for batch timestamp operations that aren’t possible from the GUI of the app, for instance, modifying timestamps of files in sub-directories. The developer has provided various examples to explain how those scripts work in TouchCmd.

When it comes to the GUI side of TouchPro, using it is pretty straight-forward, and you can change the required timestamp straight from the Properties sheet of an item as well as from a separate window. When installed, TouchPro automatically integrates its shell extension into the right-click context menu for files, and creates a new TouchPro tab in their Properties dialog as well.

To get started, right-click your desired file followed by clicking Properties from the context menu.


Under the Properties window, click the newly created TouchPro tab and you will be presented with all the options to change timestamps. TouchPro allows you to modify both date and time for Created, Modified and Accessed timestamps. To change a value, you can use up and down time adjusters or input a custom value into its relevant field. When ready to apply your changes, click ‘Touch Now’ to complete the process.


One major caveat about TouchPro is that most of the features it offers are only available in its paid version, which also lets you edit these timestamps for folders and read-only items in addition to normal files, switch to 24 hour format, toggle sound and text notification when changes are applied, as well as a few additional options. TouchPro supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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