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Track Activity On Computer Using Twitter

Twitter is a great service where you can post a tweet in only 160 characters or less, but did you know that you can monitor your system via Twitter too?

Here is an interesting scenario, suppose your friend wants to use your computer while you are away. What will you do in order to make sure he/she doesn’t touch any important app?

You can run TweetMyApps (not available anymore) and TweetMyPC, make a new twitter account, set both apps to automatically tweet to this new account, and finally hide their system tray icons with TrayIt. Clever, right?

Now the applications your friend will use on the computer along with the usage(time) will be tweeted and you can keep a tab if he/she is using some unauthorized app or not. If you are unsure, send a command(tweet) to take screenshot(this is done by TweetMyPC) of the desktop. You can also shutdown or lock your computer by sending their respective commands, thus having complete control over your system.

Using both TweetMyApps and TweetMyPC together can give you full control over your computer from virtually anywhere. 😉

Did you even think about this scenario before? It is amazing how Twitter can help us so much in our daily lives apart from it’s core feature, i.e tweets made up of 160 characters or less. Enjoy!


  1. is there a way to make a tweet when a system even finishes? such as downloading a file or updating windows?

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