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Track And Find Recently Opened Documents And Files With RDT

Users who take advantage of Windows 7 Jumplist feature for tracking down recently opened files and applications generally find it hard to search all the recently used files, documents, or application by time of access. RDT (Recent Document Tracker) is a portable application that implements improved functionality of Windows 7 Jumplist for tracking down previously accessed documents and files, by file or folder name, usage count, and accessed or modified time, from system tray. This prevents users from cluttering up Windows 7 super bar for accessing different pinned applications’ jumplist items.

The open source Recent Document Tracker, unlike Windows 7 Jumplist, lets you find all previously opened items of an application. You can for instance search all the PowerPoint presentations from the PowerPoint list. Moreover, there is no need to manually pin most frequently used application to Windows taskbar, as it brings all the document-specific applications right into system tray, such as, MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, Access, Notepad, default PDF viewer, video file list, Windows image viewer list, etc., so you can easily access and initiate search for required application items.

When started for the first time, it will start indexing all the documents and frequently used applications, and then put applications in system tray. A right-click on application icon in system tray will reveal recently opened files. Underneath the list, search bar is present to find application specific files in real-time. The screenshot below displays all the previously opened Text files.

text docs

Likewise, you can bring up recently accessed video files by clicking the video reel-imaged icon. It will show all the recently accessed media files.

videos 1

The recent items of application can also be pinned in the list, so you can easily access frequently used files without having to find them. Just right-click the item and select Pin option. Furthermore, you can quickly open the parent folder / source path of selected item, Purge it, and Filter out selected items from the list. With each listed item, you can see its number of usage count, modified and access time. To sort the list in usage count, access or modified time order, click the respective column to re-arrange the items in required way.

docs list

Recent Document Tracker certainly provides some useful features which are not there in Windows 7 Jumplist, but it lacks in organizing some application lists by items types. For example, we noticed some file types related irregularities in Image viewer list. Hopefully, such issues will be fixed in the future versions.

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