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Track Changes In Shared Files With FileTrack

Everyone at some point has used a shared file. Perhaps an application used by two different people, or a document that needs to be co-edited. In real world, shared usage of files is far more abundant. Take the example of a shared Microsoft Excel workbook. While Excel does provide a notification feature if a shared document is being modified but multiple people at the same time, the data corruption chance is always there when data is over-written, associate with a huge pain.

FileTrack is a free tool that utilizes Microsoft .NET Framework to monitor file system changes. It notifies when changes have been made to the monitored file instantaneously, ensuring that data is neither lost nor corrupted.


To use the tool, click the traffic light icon to select the file that you need to be monitored. Once file is selected, choose Start Monitoring and the software will begin to track changes to that file. If it detects any, it will notify the user through a prompt.


Another good thing about this useful little tool is that it works across LANs and even through VPNs, hence making file tracking possible regardless of the location of the user or the file.

FileTrack was tested on 32-bit Windows 7 operating system.

Download FileTrack

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