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Track Time Spent On Each Project & Generate Timeline Reports With Squirrel

Squirrel is a tiny yet useful timesheet management utility that can be used in many ways and in many situations. Contrasting to previously covered timesheet managers which somewhat fall in category of productivity software, such as, Grindstone, Timesheet Recorder, and Work Recorder, Squirrel keeps managing timesheets and task allocation dead-easy in a minuscule interface. Primarily, it was written to calculate time spent between tasks belonging to different projects. As per developer’s idea, it lets user focus on actual work rather than managing the lengthy timesheet. It requires users to provide only basic information regarding ongoing work, such as, title of both project & tasks and name of persons involved, to measure productivity.

The application comes with a simple report generation system which shows time spent on all tasks which are related with one project on a Pie chart. To begin, enter the project name followed by name of tasks and information pertaining to team members.


Nothing is complex here, on the toolbar you will find options to list down project and tasks. Under Timesheet window, you can switch between multiple projects and add more tasks if required. Once information is entered, click Start to begin tracking down time that will be spent between projects. From Overview tab, you can analyze the time difference in an auto-generated chart.


The application comes with an option to add pre-defined list of tasks. This will assist users in defining tasks only for one time, so they can allocate them to different team members quickly. From File menu, you can export the timesheet in XLSX and HTML format for sharing purposes. It works on Windows XP/Vista/7, requiring .Net Framework 4.0 to be installed already. Testing was done on Windows 7 x64 system.

Download Squirrel

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