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Track Your Workout Behavior And Calorie Intake With Fitness Tk

Staying fit and healthy is one of the key factors for success. It makes you feel confident about the daily challenges of life. Who doesn’t want to stay beefed up? Admit it or not, we all aspire to look like the infamous Tyler Durden did in Fight Club. However, effective exercise techniques also require an effective fitness plan to keep your workout habits in check. If you’re looking for a software solution to track your workout plans, then Fitness Tk is probably what you need. It’s a feature-rich application that provides you with a variety of options such as tracking all your Cardio and Weightlifting exercises, planning and saving your running and cycling routes, tracking food intake, generating plots of training statistics, accessing data from cloud server and more. Read on for further details.

Upon launch, the application asks you to login to the Fitness Tk’s server. Just click Create Account to make a new account by specifying user name and password. However, the developer’s have also created a Demo account to get you acquainted with the actual application’s by using sample data; just type demo in login and password fields to start a sample run.


When logged in, Fitness Tk takes you to a neatly designed GUI. The toolbar houses different options to track your activates including Log, Totals, Routes, Gear, Workouts, Time Plots and Meals. The Log contains an overview analysis of your fitness plans, comprising of a calendar to show your runs, swims or other exercises. Double-clicking any date opens a window where you can add any plan such as cycling, meal, rest, injured etc., by adding in necessary details of the plan.

Fitness Tk

The application also enables you to create and track different routes for your run, an excellent feature to monitor cardio exercises. The built-in map lets you pin point your routes, so that you can check how much distance you have covered. You may use the elevation graph at the bottom to analyze heights of your routes as well as, take notes for any future analysis.


The Workouts section lets you monitor your workout time patterns. For instance, if you want to track your bodybuilding exercise, you can add body part that you want to train and define intensity of training. You may also add detailed workout plan by storing information like Sets and Reps of exercise, lift weight, rest and other notes. You can add as many different segments as you want by clicking Add Segment button at the bottom.


As mentioned earlier, the application also lets you manage your exercise Gear. For example, integrate your Nike gear information such as vendor name, model, purchase date etc., in order to track any wear & tear and deterioration of the gear. The Meals section lets you enter the food intake. You can add meals related information such as Quantity and Calories etc.


Overall, Fitness Tk is a great, free solution to keep your physique in good shape. Please note that we have covered only the key features of this app, and it has a lot more to offer. Since it’s a Java-based application, it supports Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Download Fitness Tk

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